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 No-code App Builder

Launch mobile apps with in weeks, not months!

Creating mobile apps without a single line of code!

What is a no-code app solution?

No-code app solution means you can create a mobile app without using a single line of code that will be functional on both Android and iOS, whether you are building an app for yourself or having a mobile app startup.

No code app builder makes app creation easy – saving both time and money.

Build your no-code app now

Creating apps without coding skills

There are app layouts waiting for you within our no-code mobile app development platform

Money saver

Using no-code app solutions allows you to control each feature and design layout – no need for designers, developers or additional technical support.

Shorter timeline

With more than 40 available features ready to be used, your mobile app can be ready in a week – with no coding skills required.

Creation simplicity

The intuitive dashboard allows you to choose from many app layouts, themes, color options, and different service integrations within this no-code mobile app development platform.

Impress Your Coustmers

Benefits of Building a Mobile App Using

 Re App Builder

Creating a mobile app Re App Builder is as easy as piece of cake. You don’t require any coding skills or technical knowledge to build beautiful and professional mobile apps for Android and iOS. Choosing Recode as your mobile partner will help you make the most sophisticated Android and iOS mobile applications in minutes, without writing even a single line of code. Here are some amazing benefits of building a mobile app using Re App Builder –
1.     Fast and Native Apps
Apps built on Re App Builder are light, fast, and deliver a native app experience. Whether it’s a high-speed internet connection or a 5G mobile device, users can easily access and use your apps without any hassle.
2.     Offline Capabilities
One of the top benefits of building mobile apps using a no-code app creator software is that users can access some of the content on the mobile apps even when there is no internet connection.
3.     Safe and Secure
All the apps created using this cloud-based Re App Builder are compliant with the GDPR standards and hosted on Hostgator cloud which has the highest levels of compliance
4.     Real Time Updates
The best thing about Re App Builder platform is that all the changes that you make in your Android and iOS mobile apps are reflected instantly on your mobile device.
5.     Easy to Use
Recode App Builder is quite easy to use. Simply pick a category, color scheme and test device; add the features; and create your own app in minutes. No coding skills required.
6.     App Store Submission
Besides helping you create your own app without coding, we also help you publish your Android and iOS mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, without any trouble.

Build your loyalty app

Capitalize on your clients’ value and worth with Recode mobile app builder. Increase repeat business with your own Loyalty Rewards Club

Choose between single card, multi card or punch card loyalty

Personalize promotional offers to your customers

Create Deals, Rewards and Promotions

Build your food-ordering app

Engage your customers by sending personalized messages with daily offers or real-time updates, build your brand through loyalty programs, and pay zero commission.
Add multiple locations with different menus
Send instant push notifications with geo-targeting options
Integrate with any payment provider, or offer cash on delivery

Build your radio streaming app

Put your boom box in an app and light the party up. Make sure your app is up to date with radio feature and Recode mobile app builder.
Allow your customers to listen to their favorite radio stations in the background
Enter your radio schedule, favorite DJs and presenters
Let your customers stream their favorite songs with Apple’s amazing AirPlay feature

Create your telemedicine apps

Tele medicine Health care Medicine
Allow your patients to effortlessly book appointments via the app, chat with helper bots, and make video calls for appointments via your health app from Recode mobile app builder.
Make on-site booking appointments
Allow your patients to book a consultation via the app
Use video calls for sessions and online consultations

Build your fitness app


Transfer your client’s favorite gym into their mobile app and expand their digital experience.
Stream your fitness class via the mobile app
Allow your users to book a session via the mobile app
Have a one-on-one gym class using video-call

Create a Shopping app

E-commerce Shop Business

Stay attuned to your customers’ needs with an app. Present your products, promote sales, and boost brand awareness with Recode Mobile App Builder.
List item for sale using Shopify
Integrate with your existing mobile web shop
Connect your app with WordPress site

Build Apps for your Sports Team, Association & Club

Sports Association

Create an app for your sports club or list sports events and allow fans to access the results of the sporting events in a single place.
Stream favorite sport events
Create sports events for users
Use push notifications for news and scores

Build your own Social Network app

Social Network Chat

Allow your users to like and comment on Social Wall with their own user account! Share images and chat, and make video calls!
Chat & Video calls
Social Wall
Photo gallery
User Profiles

Create your dentistry apps

Dentistry Healthcare Medicine

Make on-site booking appointments a breeze and gain the trust of your patients through testimonial page and video consultation appointments
Make on-site booking appointments
Allow your patients to book a consultation via the app
Use Push notifications to let your users know about free appointments

Start with app creation now!

Premium service for a sensible price

Superior design and performance

We built our app development platform on top of React Native, which natively supports iOS and Android

Cost-effective application development

You can incorporate any of our existing functionalities, called extensions, for free. You only pay development fees for additional features, which can save you time and money

Build an app with effortless maintenance

Recode eliminates high monthly server fees, and we incorporate CMS, dashboards, push notifications, analytics, and iOS & Android updates

Hire our team to create an app

Why Recode?

Quality Assurance

We will test your no-code app visually and technically to ensure there are no weaknesses

App publishing

Recode Team takes care of the publishing process for your app with Google Play and the App Store

Permanent support

Enjoy continued support once your app is live

Use one of our integrations

Agora video call
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