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Opencart hosting

We understand your time is valuable. That's why your hosting account is instantly activated and OpenCart comes pre-installed. You don't have to waste any time fumbling around with download and setup files. OpenCart will just be ready and waiting for you to add your products and promote your business.

Opencart hosting that will blow your mind!

Opencart Optimized Servers

We’ve perfected our server infrastructure to use every drop of power at maximum efficiency. Get everything you need to launch a successful Opencart store!

Why choose Opencart?

  • Easy to set up an online business even with less time and resources, hence becomes a good choice for the new comers.
  • Comes pre-loaded with many of the essential features as stock plugins which are sufficient enough to run the store.
  • Easy management and smooth mechanism between various components of your online store.
  • Simple and Flexible

    Even if you’re building your first store, the simplicity of Opencart will surprise you. Set it up with a single click of your mouse and make a professional website with no coding knowledge!

    Huge Community

    Over the years, Opencart has gathered a massive user base in every corner of the internet. Fulfil all your website needs and find solutions to any roadblock that you encounter along the way!

    Themes and Extensions

    With a massive library of free themes and extensions, Opencart gives you the ultimate freedom. Add new features in a blink of an eye and impress your visitors with beautiful and functional designs!

    We have all you need to succeed with Opencart

    You can focus on what really matters. All servers are optimized with cutting edge technology to give you the most out of Opencart hosting. We developed a custom control panel with loads of features to enhance security and performance!

    What is Opencart?

    OpenCart is an all-in-one e-commerce builder that offers you tools to create and launch an e-commerce store, manage your inventory, and process orders.

    OpenCart review
    The OpenCart website.

    It’s open source, so you can freely modify the platforms as you wish. You also have basic access to technical support and updates as long as the software is installed.

    It requires a little coding knowledge for extensive customization and will require that you have some level of comfort with setting up a website, dealing with hosting, and modifying the code.

    It’s a solid platform to get started with, especially since the investment is so low.

    Overall Features of OpenCart

    OpenCart is designed as a modular system. You start with their basic feature set; then you can choose to add additional functionality via their marketplace 13,000+ add-ons.

    The basic feature set offers:

    • No caps on the number of products you offer.
    • No caps on numbers of product categories and sub-categories that you create.
    • Ability to manage multiple stores (with different themes) from a single admin dashboard. You can also update product information in that one location and have it propagate across stores if you wish.
    • rewards-points system to encourage customer loyalty and boost lifetime customer value.
    • Ability to set access for multiple administrators of your site(s).
    • Built-in affiliate marketing system.
    • Ability to offer discounts and coupons.
    • Option to allow product ratings, reviews, and comments on your site.
    • Ability to offer digital downloads for sale.
    • Support for 40 languages and multiple currencies.
    • 36 payment gateways.
    • The option to provide both “Guest” (no registration required) and “Registered user” checkout.
    • Ability to offer recurring payments (for products like subscriptions).
    • Integrations with most major shipping providers.
    • Built-in sales report, “viewed products” and “purchased products” report.
    • Ability to track your marketing campaigns.

    Extended functionality offered via the 13,000+ add-ons includes:

    • Email verification.
    • Automatic listing of related products, best-sellers, new products, listing by manufacturer and more.
    • Ability to sell in-person via Square. (This is a good option for selling at fairs, conferences, and other events.)
    • A module that allows customers to compare prices and products side-by-side.
    • A module that allows customers to upload their own photos of products. (For an example of a site that does this see Amazon.com or ThinkGeek.)
    • A host of marketing modules.

    Let’s take a closer look at the basic functionality that’s included.


    With the admin panel, you’ll be able to get important store information at a glance. You’ll get an overview of how your store is performing, the total number of orders, sales, customers, how many people are currently online, sales analytics, and more.

    Multiple Admin Roles

    If you have multiple people in your company, you’ll be able to designate certain roles and permissions for each individual, so they only have access to the sections of your site they require to do their jobs.

    Manage Multiple Stores From One Dashboard

    If you’re running more than one store, you can manage all of your storefronts from the same admin panel. You’ll be able to choose products to appear in different stores, change themes, and set individual store settings.

    OpenCart eCommerce review


    There are plenty of product options to get you going. For starters, you’ll be able to add unique attributes for every product in your store and adjust sizes, colors, length, height, and more.

    Customization Options

    You also can create unlimited product categories and subcategories, add an unlimited number of products, sell digital products, incorporate product reviews, and even create a reward system that gives your customers points.

    Run Specials & Coupons

    You can also run discounts, specials, and coupons to increase attention to your store and get more people to buy.

    Affiliate Programs

    There’s also built-in affiliate integration, which allows affiliates to promote your products in exchange for a percentage of the sale.

    Payment Options

    Integrated affiliate payment options include check, PayPal, and bank transfer.

    OpenCart review
    “ThemeGlobal Lite” is an example of a free theme available in the OpenCart marketplace.

    Customer Experience

    Proving a stellar experience for your customers should be one of your main concerns as an e-commerce site owner. One way to do this is via filters. OpenCart lets you add a filter section on your sidebar, so your customer can sort your products by specific features.

    You can also sell via multiple currencies. The currency rates are updated automatically, making it easy to sell your products to a worldwide audience.

    Finally, you can convert your store to over 40 different languages. Their language converter easily handles languages like Greek, Japanese, Chinese, and even languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

    With OpenCart’s customer tools you’re no longer restricted to just selling to customers in the US alone.

    Payment Options

    With OpenCart you’re sure to find a payment gateway that works for you.OpenCart comes with 36 different payment methods. Plus, there are another 900 payment methods offered via their extension marketplace.

    The top 10 most popular payment options available via OpenCart include:

    1. PayPal (Prom, Standard, and Powered by Braintree)
    2. Amazon Pay
    3. PayPoint
    4. LIQPAY
    5. Paymate
    6. Card Connect
    7. Free Checkout
    8. eWAY Payment
    9. Square
    10. Skrill

    If you plan on selling products on a subscription basis, then you can set up recurring payments based upon price, duration, and payment cycles.

    Shipping Integration

    Finally, you have access to some of the most popular shipping methods out there. For instance, there are existing integrations with FedEx, UPS, USPS, Australia Post, Citylink, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, and many more.


    If you want to run a successful e-commerce store, then you need to be concerned about how your store looks and performs across mobile devices and tablets.

    By default OpenCart is mobile responsive, so your store will look good no matter what screen size it’s viewed upon. Most of the themes you’ll find across the various marketplaces are responsive as well, but you’ll want to double-check before you make your purchase.

    You can also find OpenCart themes on the online mega-malls of pre-built designs: ThemeForest and TemplateMonster.

    SEO Features

    If you’re concerned about ranking in the search engines, then OpenCart has you covered. There are built-in SEO enhancements that let you modify your title, meta description, and insert keywords. There are also various extensions available through their marketplace that will help to take your SEO efforts even further.

    You can also connect your product feeds to Google Base, Google Sitemap, and OpenBay Pro, which will show you how the search engines view your products.

    OpenCart ecommerce review

    Is OpenCart Easy to Use?

    When you sign up for e-commerce software, an intuitive user-interface is key. If you don’t have tons of technical experience, you’d likely opt for a tool that’s easy to navigate.

    OpenCart’s installation process is not entirely straight-forward. They do provide a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the installation process. If you follow this tutorial, you won’t need to hire a developer to get the job done, but it may take some time.

    Before installation, you’d need to select a web hosting provider. You will install OpenCart from cPanel.

    Here’s how to install OpenCart:

    1. Login into cPanel
    2. Create a database in MySQL
    3. Create a user and assign the user to your database
    4. Download OpenCart
    5. Upload OpenCart to your hosting account
    6. Install OpenCart

    The instructions above provide a simplified version of the installation process. You’ll also have rename files, check server settings and configure database settings.

    If you’re following along the tutorial, you may be able to complete all these tasks, but it likely won’t be easy if you’re new to web hosting and e-commerce software.

    Modern Admin Panel

    Once you get over the hurdle of installing OpenCart on your host, it’s actually quite easy to use. They have a modern admin panel that’s similar to what you’ll find in other e-commerce builders.

    On the admin page, you’ll be able to accomplish all of your basic tasks, like managing your products, installing extensions, choosing new templates, monitoring sales and customer groups, and even run marketing campaigns.

    Beyond the actual customization of your site, it’s quite intuitive and all the features are laid out nicely.

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