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Joomla Hosting

Create the website you always wanted with fast and reliable hosting optimized for Joomla

Joomla web hosting that will blow your mind!

Joomla Optimized Servers

We’ve perfected our server infrastructure to use every drop of power at maximum efficiency. Get everything you need to launch a successful Joomla website!

Why choose Joomla CMS?

Being the second most popular CMS in the world, Joomla makes content management a walk in the park! No matter what website you’re aiming at, it will give you all the tools to produce stunning pages while maintaining a strong online presence.

Simple and Flexible

Even if you’re building your first website, the simplicity of Joomla will surprise you. Set it up with a single click of your mouse and make a professional website with no coding knowledge!

Huge Community

Over the years, Joomla has gathered a massive user base in every corner of the internet. Fulfil all your website needs and find solutions to any roadblock that you encounter along the way!

Themes and Extensions

With a massive library of free themes and extensions, Joomla gives you the ultimate freedom. Add new features in a blink of an eye and impress your visitors with beautiful and functional designs!

We have all you need to succeed with Joomla

You can focus on what really matters. All servers are optimized with cutting edge technology to give you the most out of Joomla hosting. We developed a custom control panel with loads of features to enhance security and performance!

What is Joomla?

Joomla is among the most well-known content management systems available to personal users and businesses alike for free. The program is designed to be much more accessible than other CMS programs by providing a very intuitive management interface. This interface allows users to easily control all the functionality that the platform has to offer. 

In addition to this, many Joomla users have taken time to write up thousands of free extensions to improve Joomla functionality and also helps provide customization to meet your specific needs.

Joomla is well-supported by a huge community willing to answer any questions newcomers may have about the CMS platform. Experienced members are always prepared to help out and have done so since the program was first released.

Joomla Under The Hood

Why is Joomla a superior CMS? In short, the program has a great framework running under the hood. There are three levels you can see within the platform:

  • Components: These help display the content of your website. It is the body of the site, which is generally found above the informative footer and below the navigation menu.
  • Modules: These help display additional content found in the headers, menus, footers, sidebars or elements that do not appear on every page of the website. Using the administrative panel, you can control all of the modules on your website so that people with specific permissions can make changes as needed, such as replacing a banner or image on the page.
  • Plugins: Also known as extensions, these permit people to further control their own content as needed. Ultimately, the result depends on what the plugin is meant to do, but it typically focuses on individual elements rather than the site as a whole. For example, it could compress a page before sending it to a browser or add a new stylesheet for theme use.

Why Use Joomla CMS?

What you may remember from WordPress as a "plugin," Joomla users generally refer to as an "extension." There are thousands of extensions available that can help customize your Joomla site to the meet your exact needs. 

In addition to this, the default templates you get are already quite appealing. By default, there are two templates to choose from: Protostar and Beez3, both of which use a blue and white color scheme for simple clarity. If you eventually grow tired of using one of the two default templates, extensions can greatly change the look, or you can download one of the hundreds of other templates available for free.

Joomla is an excellent fit for any company that doesn't have its own IT department. Because of its ease of use and functionality, it's much easier for someone who isn't a developer or a web expert to make a new website that has all the latest features. 

Mobile users also get a major upgrade to accessibility thanks to out of the box support. While the majority of open-source platforms rely on MySQL for all of its tasks, Joomla now also includes support for those who are more familiar with PostgreSQL. It can also provide support for 68 languages and more than 10,000 extensions at the tips of your fingers -- both of which are quite impressive for anyone.

Signing Up for Joomla Hosting

Registering for an account with our hosting services allows you to immediately build your website with Joomla with ease. Whether you are already an experienced web developer who prefers the extended functionality that Joomla can offer or are a new beginner looking to get started with a new website without having to know too much technical code, this content management system makes it easy to get you started today.

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