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$ 49.99


Perfect to start Validating your idea

  • Android publishing Only
  • CMS ( A Full Functional Dashboard )
  • Built-in with more than 20+ Extensions
  • Calendar integration
  • Up to 1 GB of space
  • Unlimited Auto updates
  • Unlimited Revisions

$ 79.99


Want to kick-start your business?

This is your plan!

  • Android publishing only
  • CMS ( A Full Functional Dashboard )
  • Convert your website to an app
  • Built-in with more than 30+ Extensions
  • Geo location integration
  • Unlimited Auto Updates
  • Unlimited Revisions

$ 99.99


Get your app to the next level with full features!

  • Android & Apple publishing
  • CMS ( A Full Functional Dashboard )
  • Convert your website to an app
  • Full access to over 50+ Extensions
  • Shopify store integration
  • In-app Chat service (Powered with Sendbird)
  •  Unlimited Auto Updates
  • Unlimited Revisions

$ 1100

/one time payment

We know getting started with mobile app building can be a challenge. So get an expert to set up and design the main screens of your mobile app with Re-app builder

  • Custom Layout for your app
  • App launch strategy
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Measuring an app’s performance
Custom App Development

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Custom new features are always fun! When you hire our expert development team, you’ll get a delivered cross-platform solution with new, specific features that your business needs.

  • Custom Design
  • Best developers to create your features
  • Expert Assistance
  • Priority development

Frequently asked questions about the white label app builder

What is a white label mobile app reseller program?

A white label mobile app reseller program offers and resells products or services created by another company. “White label” refers to purchased or rebranded products or services purchased by resellers.

What is a white label mobile app builder?

A white label mobile app builder is an application unconnected to the app developer or person/company that made the app. A white-label mobile app can also be when a reseller offers a mobile app from another developer, but changes and customizes the branding.

How do I operate as a mobile app reseller?

After you become a mobile app reseller, you can create state of the art white label mobile apps for your clients. You can bill accordingly for app development, features, complexity, etc. You can also resell app building services to your customers and let them build and manage their mobile apps under their account via your Reseller website.

What is a mobile app reseller?

A mobile app reseller is a person or company that uses another company’s technology to produce and sell mobile apps to their customers under new branding.