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Build your app

Tell us about your dream mobile app, and we’ll develop it for you!

Hire our team of experts and engage with Recodes’ full service!

App making process 💡

Our team of expert designers and engineers will work on your app – from idea to app store

Team of experts 👥

Count on our experience, lots of apps, and more happy users to ensure your app’s success

Strong mobile UX 📲

Our creative designers team will create an immersive user experience for you users

App Development with our Full Service

Recodes’ Full Service is an all-inclusive mobile app creation service to get your application published and live with ease.

Our mobile app experts will create an app strategy, build an app with our builder using premade features and integrations, and our Support team will continue to support your app as a trusted partner in your success.

Recode Full Service gives your business the tools it needs to thrive in today’s competitive mobile market.

Recode is more than an app development company

Let’s create an app for your business!


app strategy

App Strategy

Set your goals and target audience by researching your niche market and thorough competitor research

app design

App Design

Create a quality, straightforward user experience based on your ideas and industry best practices

mobile app visual

Visual Solution

Define a strong, unique visual bond between your business’ app and your brand’s visual identity


app time

Reduce your wait time

Our app templates with readymade features mean your app will be finished faster, saving you time and money

easy app

A no-code solution

Extensive tooling allows you to create apps without any additional coding

features icon

New feature possibilities

Need a feature? Recode’s app-building software can add additional functionality to your business app if needed

app strategy

Content import

Our app building team will ensure your content is optimized and ready for your app


quality icon

Quality Assurance

Test your app visually and technically to ensure there are no weaknesses

push notifications

App publishing

Recode takes care of the publishing process for your app with Google Play and the App Store


Permanent support

Enjoy continued support once your app is live

Hire Recode’s full service team

Starting 950$ *

*One time payment fee


How much time does it take to create an app?

The time needed to create an app depends on the app’s functionality. Because we use our own software and have already made features and integrations, your app can be done in just a few weeks! Also, there is no difference between iPhone and Android mobile app creation time! Our builder is made on a react native technology, and we can make apps for both platforms at the same time. Cool, isn’t it?

How is full service different from custom app development?

Custom app development is a process of coding new features for your mobile application and we are doing it from scratch. Each functionality is made separately. On the other side, Full service app development means we will use our already made features and integrations to create your app, which will save you time and money since it will be made with our no code solution. Once the mobile app development is done, you will be able to modify your app by yourself! Change colors, app layout and similar details without using any code.

What readymade features are currently available with Re-app builder?

Our app building software has more than 200 layouts and 40+ features ready to be used. It means your app can have a photo gallery, embed your restaurant menu, show news, send push notifications, allow your users to listen to radio and podcast, display different events, set locations, create loyalty programs and deals, enable users to chat or make video calls. Also, there is an option to integrate your app with your WordPress website or Shopify. The sky is the limit, reach us out!

Can I turn my website into an app?

Yes! We will make sure your app follows your brand colors and guidelines, and it will include all the segments of your business! When doing that, we will need you to send us your website URL, so we can create a strong visual bond between your website and your mobile app. What features do you want your app to follow? Do you need your app to do even more than your website?

Why is it important to have a business mobile app?

Well-developed mobile app load and usually performs better than a regular business website. Besides collecting more data on users and their preferable items or actions, marketing activities with push notifications, a more personal approach to your customers, and the ability to work offline, mobile apps can provide your business and users with more functionalities than a website. After all, we are all non-stop connected to our smartphones, and having an app allows you to be all the time with your customers via push-notifications, app logo on their screen, etc.