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Build your app

Re-App builder to create your NATIVE app

No code app maker that lets anyone build apps in 4 easy steps.

Pick a Template

Brand your App

Import content

Publish to Stores

Easy Dashboard that anyone can create beautiful Apps with!

Nothing to worry about, you can easily build your App as simple as building a LEGO!

There are two ways to build your app with Recode

Make Apps yourself

Re-app builder builds Native Apps

Use existing templates to kick-start your app development.
Re-app builder can help you develop apps in no time. Zero coding skills required.

Let Us create your App

Full service App development in Re-app builder

Tell us about your idea and our app designers will turn it into reality – in Re-app builder! Once you approve the prototype, we will build, publish, and maintain your app forever.

Don’t have time to do it yourself?
Hire our Full Service team to create your app

Send us a brief or specification

We will get in touch with you and collect all specification required to build your app
See design prototype before you approve it
Let our design team create a prototype of your app in Re-app builder and you will get to approve each phase before we start building an app
We build and publish your app
Our experienced team will build your app in the shortest time possible on Recode's platform and have it published on iOS and Andriod store
You get free maintenance for life
Recode will provide you with updates that keep up with new technology to make sure your app is available to everyone. For free. Forever.

our clients

Recode Developments is proudly covering both local and remote business in various fields

Lageetha | B2B Marketplace based in Saudi Arabia

Remoda | Online fashion store, covering USA, Canada & Europe

2A Pharma | Pharmaceutical Co. based in Egypt, Exporting Pharmaceutical products & Cosmetics Worldwide

Raya7 Balak (ease your mind) | Hotels, Cafes and restaurants supplier with corporates supplying services

Goldenwest Shuttle | Airport Shuttle service provider in Colorado, USA

Colorado Mountain Carrier | Leading Limo service provider through seamless booking experience

An App for every Need

There are 200+ app layouts waiting for you within our no-code mobile app development platform

Telemedicine App

Allow your patients to effortlessly book appointments via the app, chat with helper bots, and make video calls for appointments via your health app from Re-app builder.
  • Make on-site booking appointments
  • Allow your patients to book a consultation via the app
  • Use video calls for sessions and online consultations

shopping app

Stay attuned to your customers’ needs with an app. Present your products, promote sales, and boost brand awareness with Re-app Builder.
  • List item for sale using Shopify
  • 1-Click Website to App
  • Connect your app with WordPress site

Sports team, association & Club app

Create an app for your sports club or list sports events and allow fans to access the results of the sporting events in a single place.
  • Stream favorite sport events
  • Create sports events for users
  • Use push notifications for news and scores

dentistry app

Make on-site booking appointments a breeze and gain the trust of your patients through testimonial page and video consultation appointments
  • Make on-site booking appointments
  • Allow your patients to book a consultation via the app
  • Use Push notifications to let your users know about free appointments

What is a no-code app solution?

No-code app solution means you can create a mobile app without using a single line of code that will be functional on both Android and iOS, whether you are building an app for yourself or having a mobile app startup.

No code app builder makes app creation easy – saving both time and money.

Why no-code app solution?

Money saver
Using no-code app solutions allows you to control each feature and design layout – no need for designers, developers or additional technical support.
Shorter timeline
With more than 40 available features ready to be used, your mobile app can be ready in a week – with no coding skills required.
Creation simplicity
The intuitive dashboard allows you to choose from many app layouts, themes, color options, and different service integrations within this no-code mobile app development platform.
Ease of support
We places the developed product in stores, as well as provides further support. You can turn on or off different kinds of additional features at any time you wish.

App development shouldn’t cost you a fortune

Save time and money when creating apps by using modular building blocks called extensions

A head start
Various extensions available right from the start.
Incorporated backend
Engage and analyze your users, manage content, and more
Effortless maintenance
App maintenance with Recode is easier and less expensive
Helpful  resources
Outstanding documentation, tutorials, and support

Cloud System Hosting

Get your favorite CMS, ERP, CRM, HR, Accounting and Event management App installed and hosted by Recode!

No Hidden Charges!

Get your OWN Domain!

Your first class website

  • Hosting Plans for Beginners and Experts
  • Includes Email
  • Free SSL Certificate 
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Ready-Made Drop Shipping Stores


Buy E-Commerce Dropshipping Websites for sale and start your own business in just a few clicks. Drop Shipping a product means you don’t keep any stock, the supplier will ship the product direct to your customer for you, allowing you to focus on building your online business. Click below to get started or see our latest offers!


With the drop shipping model, you don’t have to purchase a product unless you already made the sale and have been paid by the customer. You don’t have up-front inventory investments or costs of managing a warehouse, which enables you to start your eCommerce business with much less money.


With drop shipping model, you don’t need to build your eCommerce business from scratch. You will get all you need to start your business right away: an ready to go live established brandable website, all the products already filled in and online order system integrated with suppliers.
your website.recode-developments.com


What do the term no-code development actually mean?

No code development, like the name suggests, does not need any coding skills for development of the software application. The visual development platforms allow even the people who don’t hail from a technical background to build the software applications from scratch.

They make use of simple drag and drop of plugins to create functional applications – all without having to write a single line of code. While it’s super convenient and has shorter development time, the customization this method offers is very limited.

Who should use no-code?

No-code platforms are ideal for organizations that want to build their own apps to increase efficiency and streamline business processes, yet have limited development resources.

Why drag-and-drop is the doorway to a better kind of software development process?

As software increasingly takes over every industry, the demand for developers continues to grow. Software demand is outpacing the speed at which we are producing developers, and there’s a widening gap between the supply and demand of digital skills.

So how does drag-and-drop offset this gap? It gives business employees a chance to learn and take control over their software in a way that hasn’t been possible--until now. 

Before drag-and-drop tools for business software were made (often called no-code platforms), there were two methods of software development available to businesses:

  1. Hire software developers or a third party development team 
  2. Learn to code and Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Both options have their problems: the first is often expensive and slow (consider that the company hiring the developers will have to spend a lot of time explaining to the developers what it is they do/want before a software program can even be made to fit their needs). The second is slow and bordering on unrealistic.

Drag-and-drop bridges resolve both sides of these problems by putting the power of software developers into the hands of the Do-It-Yourself-ers. Ordinary, non-specialized business people can now build custom software and workflows for themselves using easy-to-learn and speedily-efficient drag-and-drop platforms (often termed “no-code platforms”). 

The accessibility of the drag-and-drop tool doesn’t just give them the ability to learn how to make exactly what they want. They can also easily maintain it even when changes occur. 

This power has a net positive on businesses and employees alike:

  1. It lets businesses utilize the human resources they have by giving regular employees the ability to create their own business software custom-made for their work.
  2. It gives employees greater control over the software they need to do their work (even now, most people are stuck using third-party software for their work that may/may not have been designed specifically for what it is they’re doing).
  3. There is a lower onboarding curve: drag-and-drop is everywhere, and anyone with a smartphone is already familiar with it, meaning getting new people up to speed is faster and easier. Meaning as new tools arrive or current tools change, less time is lost “figuring it out.”

Benefits of using no-code app builder

  • Efficient Use of Internal Resources

Developing applications through external resources and development agencies can be very expensive and challenging. In addition, it is quite restrictive and limiting. When you develop an app from an external agency, you have no access to the backend of the app you’ve developed.

This is why developing applications internally is important. However, most businesses cannot afford to develop their apps on their own due to the costs involved and the requirement of skilled developers. This is where a no-code development software can help you. They can be learned by anybody and are created to be user-friendly. They can help you utilize your existing resources to the fullest extent while also developing efficient apps.

  • Easier to Change and Customize

When compared to traditional coding and development, no-code application development gives users a lot of room to customize and change things according to their requirements. With a no-code application, you can change things instantly without worrying about potential bugs.

This is very helpful for businesses that are always in flux and can help reduce backlogs. This advantage can also translate to app development agencies that can change what they are creating whenever needed. The customizability of a no-code development platform is unmatched.

  • Faster development and delivery

No-code development can cut down development time. It takes an average of 4 months to develop an app. This time can be even longer for other kinds of software applications.

A no-code development platform can decrease that time in half or even less depending on the type of application you are creating. The faster you develop your app, the faster you can deploy it or deliver it to the requesting customers.

  • Cost of Ownership is Less

One of the biggest reasons you should use no-code development platforms is the cost of ownership. Since your app data is stored in a secure cloud, you do not need to spend for the servers, maintenance, or building. All you need to pay for is the software application you are using. This can significantly affect the cost of ownership and can help you save massive amounts of money.

  • Better ROI and Low Risk

Continuing on the last point, using a no-code development tool is cheaper and is more likely to provide you a better return on your investments. With a no-code app, for example, you can save more than half of the overhead cost required to design a traditional app.

The better ROI also means that investing in no-code development is a lower risk. In case your application fails, you will likely have saved more money than you would by investing in traditional development.

  • Easier Learning Curve

No-code development software are designed to be so easy that even a child could use them. You can try it out for yourself.

  • Future-Proof Technology

Even Google believes that no-code is the future. They have been experimenting with a no-code platform of their own. If you begin with no-code technology today, you have a chance of being ahead of the curve. The app you create will be future proof and will get better with time.

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